Key Features

  • Derivative of our proven Production Line Flow Meter (FCO752)
  • Built-in automatic pressure control
  • Direct correlation to harmonised standards
  • Product specific parameters for optimum test set-up
  • Case and combustion testing in a single instrument

The FCS510, derived from our proven FCO752 instrument is a unit which is specifically designed to comply with harmonised standards for the testing of Gas/Oil based Boiler systems. Benefitting from all of the standard features built into the FCO752, the FCS510 has automatic pressure control with variant specific optimisations allowing the test for each product type to run at maximum efficiency.

Case Integrity testing is carried out by introducing air into the flue outlet at a specific and regulated pressure and the resultant flow of air must be less than a specified limit dependant on the internal volume of the device. Missing or damaged case seals will result in excessive air flow and a fail result from the test. Correctly fitted and complete seals will restrict the air flow to below the specified limit and give a pass result.

The FCS510 has 300 product and 300 test memory capacities which allows variant specific tests to be programmed for each model in your range. The built in barcode reader support and ability to store result data provides complete traceability against individually serialised products. The barcode reader input can be programmed by the user to demand product selection, serial number and even User ID before commencing a test. Combustion soundness testing is typically conducted using the same principles as the case integrity but at a higher pressure, not a problem for the FCS510 with its automatic pressure regulator and test specific rate control.


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