Calibration Services and Calibration Instruments

In every field of industrial and scientific life, precision measurement is becoming increasingly important. Products are manufactured to tighter tolerances, processes are being optimised to run at peak efficiency and environmental measurements have to reflect true operational conditions. In all these situations measurement accuracy is critical and this in turn relies on accurate calibration with traceability to international standards of paramount consideration.

Furness Controls has been raising the standards of accuracy and calibration in the field of ultra-low range differential pressure and air flow measurement for many years. Whether you are looking for a service to calibrate your instruments or a calibrator to do the work yourself, Furness Controls can help.

We provide a range of UKAS and nationally traceable calibration services at our calibration laboratory in Bexhill and at our UK Service Centre at Tamworth, we can also perform traceable calibrations on site using our Portable Calibrators. The following calibration services are available from our laboratories.

Services We Offer

Repair & Calibration

Our main U.K. Service Centre is strategically placed in Tamworth Staffs, central to our customers in the United Kingdom and able to respond readily in support of our customers. Leak Detectors are Production Line Test Equipment, in use sometimes 24 hours a day and the need for quick service is paramount. Tamworth offers not only a repair and calibration facility, but a team of field service engineers, ensuring that production lines continue to run. Our staff at Tamworth work continuously to ensure that equipment is put back in service as quickly as possible.

Maintenance Contracts

Leak test equipment needs maintaining in a fit condition, preventing wherever possible a loss of production. Our Maintenance Contracts are designed to provide a "call out service" and regular maintenance visits, which can include calibration and preventive work, ensuring the equipment’s maximum availability.

Customer Training Courses

Additionally Furness Controls runs customer training courses to enable maintenance in the task of keeping production running.

Product Evaluation Service

Other facilities at Tamworth include a product evaluation service, recommending the correct system to test a wide variety of products using our 50 years experience in leak test applications.

Field Servicing

For field servicing please contact our engineers in Tamworth.

Our Calibration Instruments

See the instruments and flow elements we offer for Low Differential Pressure and Flow Calibration:

Primary Calibration Standards

The unique Furness Controls primary pressure standards enable us to provide the exceptional accuracy of our low pressure and vacuum calibrations. These standards which are used in our own calibration laboratories, enable us to provide calibrations with full traceability to national standards. They have also been adopted by numerous national and accredited laboratories throughout the world.

The Furness Rosenberg Pressure Standards - The FRS4

The FRS4 is an ultra-low primary pressure standard utilising a unique piston gauge design. The piston is supported on an electronic balance which reads the resultant force from the pressure acting on the piston. Measurements can be made from 0.001 Pa to 40 kPa.

The Gravimetric and the Bell Prover

The Gravimetric Flow Standard and the Bell Prover provide the UKAS Accredited flow standards at our laboratory. The Gravimetric weighs air and gives direct traceability to mass. Flow values down to 0.1 ml/min can be calibrated with uncertainties of no more than 0.5 % of reading. The Bell Prover is a direct displacement device with a capability of up to 2,000 litres/min. Traceable calibrations of up to 10,000 litres/min are also available.