Founded over 50 years ago, Furness Controls has consistently led in the field of ultra-low range differential pressure measurement. With a heritage based on pioneering work in the 1940's, a time when technology, developed from low frequency microphones, made measurements down to 0.01pa possible to the present day using state of the art electronics, Furness Controls has remained a key player in the world of low differential pressure measurement.

From this early work, Furness Controls quickly developed a range of micromanometers, differential pressure transducers and transmitters followed by pressure decay leak detectors with un-paralleled sensitivity. The product range includes flow measuring devices such as pitot static tubes and laminar flow elements. These compliment the differential pressure instruments and add greatly to the performance of existing products thereby increasing the range of applications which can be solved.

Manufacturing Today

The Head Office and manufacturing facility is now sited in a modern purpose built state of the art building. From concept to design to manufacture everything is done on site to the highest standards.

The Furness Controls Calibration Laboratory (UKAS Laboratory 0580) is also based in Bexhill. This combined with the large research and development team, full assembly and machine shop capabilities ensures that whatever the requirement is, it can be handled quickly, efficiently and within our stringent quality standards.

Worldwide Sales

With worldwide sales and service facilities Furness Controls draws upon a huge pool of experience in giving the best advice to solve many applications. Many thousands of Furness Controls instruments are in use throughout the world, many working for years in harsh production environments.

UKAS Calibration Lab

Furness Controls has a state of the art calibration laboratory accredited by UKAS (Laboratory 0580) and ISO 17025 for flow and pressure. Established in 1998 to service our own needs and available to cover the needs of our customers.

Limitless Application

With a breadth of knowledge, fifty years' experience, and a highly skilled team Furness Controls is in a unique position to solve any problems associated with the ultra-low measurement of pressure and flow.