Key Features

  • Excellent accuracy of <±1% Reading
  • Clear blue back-lit display
  • Pressure control
  • Air and gas flows from 0.01 ml/min to 10,000 l/min

Based on the hugely successful, market leading FCO200, the FCO732 is a cost effective, production line flow meter, packed with features.

Used to test a wide variety of different components including Exhaust systems, Laser drillings, Medical devices, Cookers, Gas Fires, Boilers, castings, and fuel pumps to name but a few. The FCO732 is one of the most flexible, reliable and diverse flow meters on the market.

Excellent accuracy of <±1% Reading

Using the well proven Furness Controls laminar flow technology, the FCO732 adds temperature compensation and optional barometric pressure compensation to an already highly accurate flow measuring system. Automatic pressure and temperature compensation add still further to improve the accuracy of the FCO732.

Clear blue back-lit display

The requirement of the display sounds simple but in reality it's an important feature of the instrument. As the user interface, not only must it be clear and easy to read, but the viewing angle must accommodate the instrument being mounted in awkward locations. The FCO732 is fitted with a Blue Back-lit module offering a clear, bright and easy to read display in various lighting conditions

Pressure control

Capable of pressure ranges up to 14 bar, the FCO732 is fitted with a precision regulator capable of controlling and supplying the correct pressure at the correct flow rate.

Air and gas flows from 0.01 ml/min to 10,000 l/min

The Furness Controls Laminar flow technology is well proven in many production environments. To cover the multitude of products tested the FCO732 has been designed to offer flow ranges from 0.01 ml/min to 10,000 l/min. If your test requirements change, the FCO732 will accommodate any specification and can be quickly recalibrated and refitted to suit the new range.

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