Key Features

  • Accuracy < 0.25% of reading
  • Ultra low pressure measurement
  • High-clarity LCD, or high brightness illuminated OLED display panel
  • USB, RS232 or RS485 output
  • Multiple output functions: linear, square-root, custom linearisation

The versatile FCO432 is a cost-effective industrial differential pressure transmitter suitable for a variety of clean environment applications. There are 11 models available, each with differing pressure ranges, as well as a selection of configurable options to create the ideal instrument.

Ultra Low Pressure Measurement

The FCO432 provides very high precision at the lowest pressures. The 11 models start with the ±50Pa measurement range and graduate through to -1bar to +10bar, each with an accuracy <0.25% of reading. The pressure cell is based on the unique Furness Controls capacitive sensor of proven reliability. A microcontroller is used to control all functions of stability, such as temperature correction and display damping.

Output Options

Available with standard 2-wire 4-20mA and 4-wire isolated 4-20mA current output, as well as voltage options, the FCO432 can fit into a variety of industrial set-ups. Additional flexibility is provided by USB, RS232 and RS485 communication options.

LCD or OLED Display Options

The differential pressure transmitter comes with two display options. There is the choice between a large character, low power LCD display, which is fully compatible with 4-20mA options, or a high brightness, illuminated OLED display (this requires separate 24V power supply), enabling the device to be used for a multitude of applications. Alternatively, the device can be used blind, without a display.

Fully Configurable with Multiple Functions

There are two ways in which to configure the FCO432. A membrane keypad is available as an optional extra for easy, on-device field configuration. Otherwise, configuration can be carried out using the provided FCS541 utility software and internal Micro-USB connection.

By using one of these methods, the transmitter can be configured in a multitude of ways. The output is scalable as linear to differential pressure, or as a square-root function to facilitate the use of Pitot Static Tubes or other primary flow elements.

The two independent trip level relays can be set to indicate an alarm signal at either predefined levels, or within a predefined pressure band.

The FCO432 can be zeroed in two ways to guarantee high levels of accuracy. An externally fitted button or suitable electronic circuitry can remotely zero the device. Or there is the option to use the auto-zeroing function with an adjustable delay between 0.0 and 24.0 hours, with a 0.1 hour resolution.

Typical Use Cases

The FCO432 is suitable for industrial applications of control, measurement and monitoring, including:

  • Combustion pressure measurement and control of industrial furnaces
  • Air pressure measurement and control of dryers, kilns and ovens
  • Air flow measurement in conjunction with laminar flow elements, pitot static tubes, orifice plates or venturi
  • Glove boxes, cleanrooms, wind-tunnels and many more….


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