Key Features

  • Differential pressure measurement down to 0.01 Pa.
  • Automatic differential pressure generator
  • Measure: Differential pressure, flow, temperature & pressure
  • Data-logging facility with USB and RS232C output
  • Detailed and easily-readable graphical display

Used extensively in manufacturing as well as educational and research establishments around the world, the FCO560 is a multi-function low differential pressure instrument with two modes of operation. Calibration mode fulfils the calibration requirements for low differential pressure transmitters, transducers, pressure switches and flow devices. Measurement mode provides a versatile precision micro-manometer that may be combined with laminar flow elements or pitot tubes for measurement of velocity, volumetric flow and mass flow.

Pressure & Flow Calibrator

In calibration mode the FCO560's multiple sensor configurations allow different external references to be used quickly and simply. When combined with laminar flow elements, the FCO560 may be used as a flow calibrator covering flows from less than 1 ml/min to over 30000 l/min. An external pressure sensor may also be used as a reference for calibrating pressures much higher than the FCO560’s differential pressure range.

When used for site calibrations, the FCO560 may be preconfigured with information for up to 99 different instruments to be calibrated. For bench use, these configurations are useful for rapidly changing between commonly used setups.

Additional features:

  • Pressure control stability <0.003 % FS
  • Simultaneous display of applied pressure/flow and EUT values
  • Voltage and current inputs for EUT signal
  • 4-20mA inputs for external temperature and pressure transducers
  • PT100 temperature sensor input
  • Internal absolute pressure sensor
  • Battery powered for portable calibration

Precision Manometer

The FCO560 is a versatile and highly-accurate flow and pressure measurement device, with an accuracy of greater than 0.1% of reading at pressures down to 1 Pa. The instrument is widely used in a variety of applications, such as fan manufacture and wind tunnel operation, and is able to automatically compensate for temperature and local pressure variations.

Additional features:

  • Atmospheric pressure compensation with internal sensor, external sensor, or preconfigured constant value
  • Flow readings as volume flow, mass flow, velocity, or power
  • Extensive list of pre-configured gases, as well as customisable density setting
  • Graphical output showing peak flow and trends

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