Key Features

  • Dedicated channels for inlet port leak testing, outlet port pressure validation and pilot actuation
  • Integral valve sensors for test verification purposes
  • Pilot ramps test to ensure pressure and time measurables are acceptable

The FCS539 contains all the required pneumatics to interface FCO750 Leak Detectors with the ports of changeover valves, allowing efficient automatic testing of these parts.

The FCS539 is controlled by the FCO750’s programmable outputs, driving the required pneumatic / electrical pilots required to control specified pneumatic and solenoid valves on a test by test basis. The respective electrical input signals of the FCO750 ensure internal valves within the FCS539 are in the correct state via the use of optical sensors.

An integral gauge pressure switch within the FCS539 verifys the outlet air is either on or off at the expected stage of test. If it is not as expected, a failure is indicated to the operator, much like any other potential defect such as; excessive pressure loss to atmosphere, leaks to adjacent ports or ramp test fail scenarios. Testing of changeover valves requires pressure decay testing at three different pressures, which is achieved using an automatic pressure regulator. Vacuum can also be applied if required.

The FCS539, provides you with a multifunction Leak Detection system which suits a wide variety of valve configurations and styles. It not only improves the quality and consistency of testing but also allows an increase in production speed.

The optional barcode reading function on the FCO75x series of machines also allows you to trace batch ID, operator ID, product ID and serial number data points.


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