Key Features

  • Accurate static pressure and flow measurement over a wide range
  • Selectable engineering / flow units
  • Digital display with electronic filtering available
  • USB-B serial output for data logging
  • Battery or PSU powered for flexibility of use

The FCS523 negates the need for a separate flow meter and pressure / vacuum gauge, reducing footprint and simplifying the pneumatic circuit as the pressure / vacuum sensor is internally connected to the flow element to measure the static pressure of the test.

The FCS523 reduces uncertainty due to differing measurement interpretation between operators, or due to viewing parallax. The device's portability offers flexibility for scenarios where a product must be tested before being passed to production, and provides confidence that the same device has been used for both R&D and production measurements. Other benefits of the FCS523 include reduced ongoing calibration and maintenance costs compared to multi-device setups.

The flow and pressure sensor has a dedicated USB-B output which can be used to record measurements at defined intervals, or at externally triggered events, such as end of test. The USB port can also be used for changing parameters such as display damping, volumetric flow or pressure units, and alarm points.


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