Key Features

  • Flush mounted design for clean room applications
  • Accuracy < 0.5% of reading
  • Two wire system with current output
  • Stainless steel housing to IP64
  • PC configurable for range, display and calibration

With the FCO342 flush mounted Differential Pressure Transmitter, Furness Controls provides an all in one pressure transmission and local indication solution, meeting the requirements of reduced cost, footprint and instrumentation on site. Both outputs of measurement ,which included the linear analogue signal and 4 digit display, are within 0.25% of accuracy at the operating pressure of 10 Pascal, or 0.03 Pascal in SI terms.

The FCO342 uses the proven capacitance-based transducer design for long term reliability and repeatability.

Quick installation and verification:

Compared to other products, the FCO342 provides a quicker installation and ongoing verification process:

  • The linear output signal and display are verified with the Building Management System at a single source. 
  • Integrated calibration ports to carry out instrument calibration without the need to disconnect the impulse lines, minimising disruption to ongoing processes.
  • Separate local indications are redundant, resulting in reduced instrumentation and subsequent calibration overhead.

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