Key Features

  • Available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 channel versions
  • Individual pass/fail indication per channel
  • Individual active channel indication
  • Per-channel pass/fail outputs to external control system
  • Supplied with interface cables to our leak detectors

The FCS456 model provides a successful answer to the common question of “can I test more than one item at a time?”. In modern manufacturing where productivity and efficiency are key to the success of any business, the FCS456 brings an opportunity to dramatically improve throughput efficiency without compromising integrity when leak testing similar components or assemblies. The standard method of simply connecting parts together for leak test brings high levels of risk and uncertainty where there is no way of segregating pass/fail parts or even knowing which of the group may have caused the fail result.

The FCS456 has built in control for parallel filling of the test group but most importantly, individual stabilisation and measurement phases. This combined with individual pass/fail indication eliminates uncertainty by providing a result per part. Linked to one of our advanced automated leak detectors, the parameters can be tuned and set optimally, whether you are testing identical groups of parts or a collection of similar components. The only criteria is that the test pressure is the same for all in the group.

Virtually any item which lends itself to leak testing at positive or vacuum pressure can be tested with greatly reduced cycle time when grouped together and tested using the FCS456. 


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