Key Features

  • Entry level Leak Detector
  • Suitable for simple single test leak detection applications
  • Test pressures from vacuum up to 30 bar
  • Leak sensitivity down to 0.1 Pa or 0.01 ml/min
  • Programmable electrical and pneumatic outputs

The FCO730 offers a cost effective and flexible solution to leak detection applications. Due to its compact size, the FCO730 is ideally suited to bench top mounting or integration into automated assembly fixtures where multiple test heads may be required. The FCO730 is a cost effective alternative to multi-head setups, offering a no-frills approach whilst still retaining the accuracy, reliability and quality of Furness Controls instrumentation.

Single test or 50 test variant available

The single test model offers functionality for testing of specific products where a single pressure and fixed test requirement is necessary. An enhanced 50 test variant is available when more flexibility is required or when multiple products have to be tested. BCD I/O allows 50 different products to be selected via a PLC or PC ensuring the FCO730 is not only flexible but cost effective.

Multiple test methods

Along with the standard leak test, the FCO730 can also be used to test for blockages, coarse leaks and as a "Dump" tester for testing sealed components. Jig delay, prefill and simple sequence options are also available making the FCO730 one of the most adaptable instruments on the market.

User programmable IO

The versatility of FCO730 is improved further with the inclusion of electrical and pneumatic inputs and outputs. Programmable functions are included which allow a number of the outputs to be assigned alternative functions offering flexibility without additional costs.

Clear Display

The requirement of the display sounds simple but in reality it's an important feature of the instrument. As the user interface, not only must it be clear and easy to read, but the viewing angle must accommodate the instrument being mounted in awkward locations. The FCO730 is fitted with a Blue Back-lit module offering a clear, bright and easy to read display in various lighting conditions.

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