Key Features

  • Customisable Graphical screen prompts
  • Touch screen interface
  • Dual and automatic pressure regulation options
  • Leak sensitivity down to 0.1 Pa or 0.01 ml/min
  • Programmable electrical and pneumatic outputs

The FCO770 is a high specification leak detector from Furness Controls and builds on the highly successful FCO750. Suitable for bench-top mounting or integration into automated assembly fixtures, the FCO770 offers a touchscreen graphical interface to combine great functionality with simplicity of use.

Graphical Colour Display

The graphical display allows the operator to have product images and screen prompts to assist in the test cycle. Live graphs of the test cycle can be seen and are stored automatically for easy recall.

User programmable electrical and pneumatic inputs and outputs 

The FCO770's flexibility has been improved still further with the development of programmable inputs and outputs, maintenance early warning systems (MEWS) and the inclusion of programmable pneumatic outputs. Programmable I/O can negate the requirement for PLC controls, reducing test station costs and complexity. With various logic functions and timers, the FCO770 offers a perfect platform for cost effective test station requirements.

Multiple communication options 

In addition to the RS232, RS485, Ethernet and USB type B ports that the FCO750 offers, the FCO770 also has two USB type A ports for connection of peripheral devices such as a USB memory stick and a mouse. A second Ethernet port allows direct access to logged results and a VGA connector allows connection of a remote display.

Data logger 

The built-in datalogger stores not only the test results but also the pressure profile for each test, allowing for in-depth analysis of all test results. Results can be saved to a memory stick for transfer to a PC.

Direct barcode interface 

Barcode product selection has until now, required PC's, PLC's or additional hardware to utilise this effective feature. As a result, its use has been restricted to predominantly large scale automated assembly fixtures. Following requests by our customers and World Wide Agents, Furness Controls have included the facility to read both 1D and 2D barcodes directly into the FCO770. Using the Barcode feature, specific product test parameters can be quickly and easily selected simply by scanning the code directly from a product or via a pick list. Product selection is straightforward and simple with the chance of operator error being significantly reduced. This impressive feature has been improved still further with the inclusion of serial number scanning. Leak test results can now be stored against a products unique serial number within the FCO770, both improving and simplifying product traceability.

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