Punti di forza

  • Air and gas flows from 0.01 ml/min to 10,000 l/min
  • Automatic pressure & temperature compensation
  • 300 configurable products and 300 tests as standard
  • Automatic pressure regulation variant available
  • Partial blockage identification and cross sectional area testing

The FCO792 & FCO782 offer a no-compromise approach to all production line flow measurement requirements. In addition to standard flow tests these instruments can also be used for leak and blockage tests, detecting partial blockages in both finished products and components. Possible applications include exhaust systems, breathing apparatus, facemasks, laser drillings, medical devices, gas burners, boilers, castings, and fuel pumps to name but a few.

Air and gas flows from 0.01 ml/min to 10,000 l/min

Using Furness Controls' laminar flow technology, the FCO782 & FCO792's versatility is well proven in many production environments. To cover the multitude of products tested throughout industry, these devices have been designed to offer maximum flow ranges from 20.00 ml/min to 10,000 l/min (10 flow ranges available). They can also be supplied to "dual range", offering the user the facility to read high and low flow measurements on one instrument without the loss accuracy or display resolution.

Automatic pressure & temperature compensation

The FCO792 & FCO782 feature pressure and temperature compensation giving automatic correction to the leak reading regardless of the actual test pressure and temperature. The leak reading displayed is the equivalent leak that would occur at the pressure and temperature entered in the test data. This negates the need to constantly monitor the set test pressure.

Automatic pressure regulation variant available

Where more than one test pressure is required to test different products or where a sequence of tests needs to be carried out at differing pressures, the FCO792 & FCO782 can be offered with automatic pressure regulation. This guarantees the test pressure set in the instruments test data is maintained regardless of flow rate and negates the requirement for the operator to set the test pressure each time a different test is required.

Partial blockage identification & cross sectional area testing

These flow testers can check for partial blockages within products and components or check cross-sectional areas (against known standards). By switching the instruments to operate in "pressure" mode, changes in generated back pressure as low as 0.1 Pa can be determined.

Internal Data Storage

The built-in datalogger stores test results locally for easy recall or export. Results can be analysed on-device using the high clarity display, or exported via USB memory stick for analysis on PC.

Easy-to-use Touch Screen

The control interface for the device is a generously-sized colour capacitive touch screen display. It features intuitive menu navigation for programming and provides many display modes, including operational status and instantaneous graphical results during testing.

The screen output can also be customised, allowing the operator to define their own images to represent various stages of each test, or create screen prompts to assist in the test cycle. The display can be accessed and altered mid-cycle, without the need to disrupt the test process.

Standalone or Integrated

To deliver a high degree of flexibility, the leak testers can be used either standalone, or integrated into a wider system. The compatibility with industrial protocols such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET and EtherNet/IP allows easy connection to a PLC; additional communication options through RS232, RS485, USB or Ethernet ensure the devices can be used alongside other machinery, jigs or PCs.

These flow testers offer a perfect platform to reduce testing station costs and complexity by negating the requirement for a PLC altogether. Through the use of electrical I/O and pneumatic outputs, the instruments themselves can control the entire test station.

Physically, the instruments are constructed with a robust steel bench-top case. The two extending front feet can be angled for ease of viewing the screen. Case extensions are also available for rack mounting.

The FCO782 & FCO792 are designed to be a valuable addition to any testing scenario. The devices use Furness Controls’ differential pressure sensors and laminar flow elements, meeting the global gold standard flow measurements on the production line. With carefully crafted flexibility and configuration options, they reduces complexity for manufacturers across industry.

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