Punti di forza

  • Accuracy < 0.25% of reading
  • IP66 enclosure
  • High-visibility OLED Display
  • Integral key pad for configuration
  • Root or linear output for pressure or flow measurement

The FCO452 is the industrial version of the 400 series low differential pressure transmitters. Models start with a measurement range of just ±50Pa (accuracy of 0.25% of reading), up to a range of -1 to 10 bar in differential pressure. An absolute pressure version (1500 mbar) is also available.

A robust IP66 aluminium enclosure provides the protection needed in wet or dirty environments. Various pneumatic connections are available for different pipe sizes with a process manifold option for mounting isolation valves. The process manifold version incorporates all 316 stainless steel wetted parts for use with aggressive gasses.

The FCO452 has inbuilt temperature correction, configurable units and adjustable output damping. The microcontroller can apply root transformations to allow the output to give direct velocity readings from the measured differential pressure.


Standard 2-wire or 4-wire 4-20mA current loop options are available, as well as voltage signalling. Adjustable relays allow the transmitter to directly drive external alarms or other circuits when measurement thresholds are reached.

User Interface

The low-power LCD allow the instrument to be powered through the 4-20mA circuit, while the bright and easy-to-read blue OLED display requires a separate 24V power supply. The on-device membrane keypad allows easy configuration of device parameters, while the micro-USB connector can be used for set-up through the provided utility software.

Typical Use Cases

The FCO452 is designed to replace water column manometers, VA flow meters, analogue meters and inaccurate pressure switches. It is suitable for industrial and scientific applications of control, measurement and monitoring, including:

  • Combustion pressure measurement and control of dryers, kilns, ovens and furnaces
  • Flow measurement or blockage detection across filters and membranes
  • Gas/air flow measurement in conjunction with laminar flow elements or Pitot tubes
  • Glove boxes, cleanrooms, wind-tunnels and many more….


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